Mr. Shreejit Marathe
Actor  / Anchor

Shreejit is well-known Actor/Anchor of Marathi industry. He started his career with ABP Majha (‘Star Majha’ then) in 2007 as an Anchor. Then he pursued his passion as an actor. He did 5 serials like ‘Dharmakanya’, ‘Don Kinare Doghe Aapan’, ‘Devyani’(‘Star Pravah’), ‘Kalay Tasmai Namah’, & ‘Sundar Majha Ghar’ (E TV) as lead actor. He also did cameo in ‘Pudhcha Pavul’ (‘Star Pravah’). He is popular model of Vicco brand. He also proved his mettle in theatre also. ‘Lochya Zala Re’, ‘Mahasagar’, ‘Chal Aish Kar le’ are some of his popular plays. Currently he is leading anchor of ‘AM News’ channel.