Our Mission


At Callidus, we believe Journalism, Production skills and knowledge are best learned through practical experience. We therefore offer a range of hands on, industry related, training courses. As a training institution our aim and mission is

1) To provide a positive safe, learning environment that is friendly towards our students and supports all their personal requirements.

2) To acknowledge and nurture the creativity and full potential of each student without prejudice, to provide equal opportunity for all to shine

3) To act with integrity, maintain a sense of responsibility towards students and staff and adopt high ethical standards in all our business practices.

4) Provide a quality service that is consistent, reliable, result driven and available at a realistic cost.

5)Maintain an industry relevant training institution that has the respect and support of the industry and clients it serves.

6) To update ourselves with the passage of time to be a trendsetter not only for students but also for the industry and clients.