The founders of Callidus Academy have worked for decades in the field of News anchoring, TV reporting and journalism. Starting as trainees, they reached to the senior most positions in their respective field through their passion for their work.

Putting their rich work experience with the leading media houses of India to best use, they now train and nurture budding talent like you and create successful professionals out of them.


  • Organization Chart & working of department
  • Formats of News & News Scripts
  • Reporting Skills
  • Bulletin Productions
  • Anchoring, Voice Over & Compering
  • Video Camera operations
  • Video Editing
  • Interviews, Debate & Talk Shows
  • Internship in News Channel


Graduation Appeared / Graduate in Any Discipline


6 Months, Saturday & Sunday


  • TV Journalist
  • TV Reporter
  • TV Anchor


Pankaj Ingole | Callidus TV Media

Mr. Pankaj Ingole
TV Anchor

Pankaj has 18 years experience of Print as well as electronic media. He started his TV Anchoring career with ETv Marathi at Ramoji Film City Hyderabad. In January 2007 ‘Zee 24 Taas’, first 24/7 Marathi News channel launched in Mumbai. Pankaj was part of launching team as an Anchor. He worked in Zee Network for next 7 years. In December 2013, he joined ‘News Express’ as a Senior Producer. He has also worked with ‘Mi Marathi’ as Sr. Anchor/Producer. Later he joined then upcoming channel ‘Maharashtra 1’ with Sr. Journalist Nikhil Wagle. At Present he is doing freelance show ‘Success Unlimited’ for ‘Saam’ TV

Mrs. Poonam Ingole
TV Anchor

Poonam has 11 years experience in electronic media. Earlier she was working as an Interior Designer in Kolhapur. In January 2006 she gave an audition for ETv News Anchor and get selected. In 2008, she joined ABP Majha, Mumbai as Associate Editor/Reporter. She also worked in ‘Mi Marathi’ channel as an Anchor/Producer. She did anchoring for several shows. She did cameo role in Hindi movie ‘Youngistaan’ as News Anchor. She also acted in the Marathi film ‘Sundar Majha Ghar’. She did compering for several freelance shows.

Nilesh Khare

Mr. Nilesh Khare
Executive Editor, Saam TV

Nilesh is one of the pioneers of Marathi TV Journalism. He started his career with ‘Zee Marathi’. Then he worked with all leading channels like ‘ABP’, ‘TV9’, ‘Jai Maharashtra’ and ‘Mi Marathi’. As a political Editor in ‘ABP’ group, he did many exclusive stories and interviews. Currently he is head of Sakal Media group’s ‘Saam Tv’

Tulsidas Bhoite

Mr. Tulsidas Bhoite
Sr. Journalist

Tulsidas Bhoite has almost 20 year experience of electronic media. He has witnessed all the transformations of TV Journalism. He has worked with ‘Etv Network’, ‘Zee 24 Taas’, ‘ABP Majha’, ‘TV9’ and ‘Mi Marathi’ news channel. Currently Bhoite is Executive Editor of ‘Jai Maharashtra’ channel.

prasanna joshi

Mr. Prasanna Joshi
Sr. Producer-Anchor, ‘ABP Majha’

Prasanna is well-known face of Marathi TV Journalism. He started his TV career with ABP Majha. Suddenly he became face of News Anchoring. After working for so many years in ABP, he joined ‘Jai Maharashtra’ as an Executive Editor. He also got an opportunity to work with BBC Marathi. Currently he is working with ‘ABP Majha’

Mr. Amol Parchure
Sr. Anchor

Amol is one of the senior anchors of Marathi News Channels. He has started his career with ‘Zee Marathi’ (Alpha Marathi then) as Producer/Anchor. Then he joined ‘IBN Lokmat’(‘News 18 Lokmat’ now) as News Editor/Anchor. Currently he is the Director of ADbhoot Creatives Private Limited. Though he is known for his contribution in Entertainment beat, he has also done shows on Political, Educational & Budget issues. ‘Popocorn Pe Churcha’ was his popular film review series. Now he has entered into Film Making. ‘Bhai-Vyakti ki Valli’ & ‘Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati’ are some of his creations.

milind bhagwat

Mr. Milind Bhagwat
Dy News Editor, ‘News 18 Lokmat’

Milind started his TV career with ETV Marathi at Hyderabad. Later he joined Zee Marathi. In 2007 Marathi News Channel ‘ABP Majha’ launched. Milind started working there as prime time Anchor. Currently he is working with ‘News 18 Lokmat’. From last 10 years he is a face of 10 PM bulletin.

ravindra ambekar

Mr. Ravindra Ambekar
Sr. Journalist

Ravindra started his TV career as reporter in ETV Network. Then he joined ‘IBN 7’ and gave his the best in National channel. He got an opportunity to become executive editor of Sahana Group’s first ever news channel ‘Jai Maharashtra’. He also worked for Mi Marathi as an Editor-in-chief. Currently he is working with his own portal ‘Max Maharashtra’.

Ashish Jadhao

Mr. Ashish Jadhao
Sr. Journalist

Ashish Jadhao started his carrier with Daily ‘Loksatta’. In 2008 he joined ‘IBN Lokmat’ and worked as Political Editor. As a reporter he exposed many scams. Later he joined ‘Maharashtra 1’ and became Executive Editor of the channel.

Nikhila Mhatre

Mrs. Nikhila Mhatre
Sr. Anchor

Nikhila Mhatre is popular anchor of ‘TV9 Marathi’. She joined Zee in 2013.

Rajendra Hunje | Callidus TV Media

Mr. Rajendra Hunje
Sr. Journalist/Anchor

Rajendra started his TV career in 2003 as Copy Editor/Reporter with ETV Marathi. In 2007 he joined first ever 24/7 Marathi News Channel ‘Zee 24 Taas’. ‘IBN Lokmat’ launched in 2008 and very Soon Rajendra became face of that channel. He worked as News Editor in ‘News 18 Lokmat’ (Earlier ‘IBN Lokmat’ ) for 10 years. He not only did news anchoring but also conducted debate shows & special programmes.

Bhushan Karandikar

Mr. Bhushan Karandikar
Sr. Anchor / V.O. Artist 

Bhushan did his initial training of Anchoring in ETV,Hyderabad. Further he joined ‘ZEE 24 Taas’ in 2007. He is not only a well-known anchor but a very good voice over artist. He has acted in many plays. He runs his own production house.

Anupama Khanvilkar | Callidus TV Media

Mrs. Anupama Khanvilkar
Sr. Anchor

Anupama started her career with ETV Marathi. Very soon she became a popular face of ETV. She further joined ‘Zee Marathi ’ as prime time anchor. From last 13 years, she is mainstream anchor of ‘Zee 24 Taas’.

Mr. Shreejit Marathe
Actor  / Anchor

Shreejit is well-known Actor/Anchor of Marathi industry. He started his career with ABP Majha (‘Star Majha’ then) in 2007 as an Anchor. Then he pursued his passion as an actor. He did 5 serials like ‘Dharmakanya’, ‘Don Kinare Doghe Aapan’, ‘Devyani’(‘Star Pravah’), ‘Kalay Tasmai Namah’, & ‘Sundar Majha Ghar’ (E TV) as lead actor. He also did cameo in ‘Pudhcha Pavul’ (‘Star Pravah’). He is popular model of Vicco brand. He also proved his mettle in theatre also. ‘Lochya Zala Re’, ‘Mahasagar’, ‘Chal Aish Kar le’ are some of his popular plays. Currently he is leading anchor of ‘AM News’ channel.

ajit chavan

Mr. Ajit Chavan
Sr. Anchor

Ajit is the face of Youngistaan. From last 11 years he is popular anchor amongst youth. From 2007 he is working in ‘Zee 24 Taas’.

Amol Joshi | Callidus TV Media

Mr. Amol Joshi
Sr. Anchor

In college days Amol used to participate in elocution and extempore competition. After working for couple of years in ‘Daily Prabhat’, he moved to Mumbai. He started his TV career with ‘Zee 24 Taas’ in 2007. He is one of the most sensible anchors of TV Media.

Abhijeet Kamble

Mr. Abhijeet Kamble
Sr. Journalist

Abhijeet started his TV career with ETV Marathi in 2004. He did reporting for ETV in Pune. Later he moved to Mumbai and joined ‘Zee 24 Taas’ in 2006. He worked with ‘TV 9’ for almost a decade. Currently he is working in BBC Marathi.

Rishi Desai

Mr. Rishi Desai
Sr. Anchor

Rishi started his TV Career with ‘Saam TV’. He did many shows for ‘Saam’. Later he moved to ‘Zee 24 Taas’. From last 10 years he is working as Anchor/Producer in ‘Zee24 Taas’.


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