Media and Entertainment industry in India is witnessing a high growth phase. The increasing penetration of internet and increase in smart phones numbers has further propelled the industry on the highway of growth. There are exciting opportunities awaiting your way. The social media growth has catalyzed the development of innovative ways that can help a media house take lead over the others with their creativity.

Our placement cell has the experience and expertise to work across all relevant segments of the industry such as film and music production, television, social media, publishing, etc.

All our courses being designed to give practical exposure, our placements are assured in the best of the companies and media houses. The placement cell works towards helping you get that valuable recruitment which has the potential to change your life.

Nilesh Budhawale:  ABP Maza

Sonali Lohar:  Jai Maharashtra

Vijay Tawde:  Sakal Money

Meghana Babhare:  Akashwani

Prajakta Gunjal:  Amarwani Portal

Dnyaneshwar More: Star Maharashtra

Akshay Adhav: Thodkyat

Shivani Pandhare: Thodkyat

Sumedh Salwe: Pune Metro

Varsha Jadhav: Pune Metro

Prashant Patil: Thodkyat

Ashish Raut: Max Maharashtra

Vinay Jagtap: Max Maharashtra

Babita Durande: Thodkyat

Vishakha Nikam: Swarajya Media Group


Internship is an integral part of the courses that we are offering. It helps you get that first hand experience which catalyzes your transition from a learning professional to a earning professional. All the employers rely on resumes or profile that exhibits a relevant work history. This is the importance of internship in getting a job. Your exposure to work in the internship goes a long way in getting you employment. It makes you stand apart from the competition. You have that winning edge!

Few Advantages of Internship:

1. An Internship is the first step into getting a job.

Many of the professionals receive job offers during their internship with the companies. Therefore, putting all your skills and education to use during internship is very important.
An internship enables you to gain first-hand exposure of working in the real world. It is on the internship that you harness the skill, knowledge, and practice what you learnt in theory. You get the first hand exposure of the work profile that you are looking forward to.

2. The Opportunity to test your knowledge and working skills.

The internship will contribute to personal development and give you a clarity which profile of job suits you better or is one suiting your temperament.

3. Building professional network

You come face to face with the industry professionals who can be a guide in propelling you into a very satisfying career. You will start to develop contacts and build your professional networking.

Vijay Tawde:  Zee 24 Tass

Prajakta Gunjal:  Jai Maharashtra

Gokul Kaloge:  Jai Maharashtra

Gautam Bhandare:  Jai Maharashtra

Sarang Mokate:  Jai Maharashtra

Sameer More:  Jai Maharashtra

Ayesha Sayyed:  Jai Maharashtra

Tanmai Sawardekar:  Jai Maharashtra

Payal Hargode:  Jai Maharashtra

Sonali Lahor:  Jai Maharashtra

Neha Marne:  Jai Maharashtra

Prajakta Shinde:  SAAM

Akshay Adhav:  ABP Majha

Vivekanand Patil:  Maharashtra1

Dnyaneshwar More: SAAM

Mahesh Mundhe: SAAM

Pallavi Jadhav: Lokmat

Ashish Raut: Max Maharashtra

Vinay Jagtap: Max Maharashtra

Prashant Patil: Zee 24 Taas

Sukesh Alkari : Zee 24 Taas


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